5 Ways To Boost User Retention

Without users returning to your service again and again, you can’t expect to grow. Without growth you can’t be successful. Here are five ways to boost to your user retention and start providing an experience that gets users engaged with your brand.

Published on February 14, 2022


Boost User Retention with Storyteller

Before we get into it, we must understand what we mean by user retention. User retention is best described as the continual use of a product, service, or feature by customers. This could mean how often a customer returns to a platform to purchase a product, how often they stream a song, watch a video, or perform any other action on your platform. Having high User Retention is vital for the growth of any platform, as it means users are much more likely to continue to use a service or buy a product. It can also prevent defection to another platform or protect from users stopping use entirely. To sum up the importance of strong user retention, research has shown that increasing retention by 5% can increase profits from anywhere between 25% to 95%.

User Retention is a vital health metric for any business and as such many businesses spend huge sums of money on attracting and retaining customers in a variety of different ways - some of which are far more successful than others. In this post, we will be looking at five different ways that Storyteller and its features can help boost user retention - and a number of other metrics too. By examining the uses of interactivity, immersive content, personalization, and all the other great features within Storyteller, we'll show you how you can get a better overall experience for your users to keep them coming back for more.


Interactive content is quickly becoming the norm. This is due to its tremendous effects on overall retention. Interactivity encourages users to actively engage rather than passively consume, becoming a part of the content rather than a spectator. This creates a unique user experience as it makes it highly personal. It is a simple but effective formula; the longer a user is engaging with content the longer they are spending on your platform. To truly take advantage of a user’s attention, your content needs to be as enticing as possible. An engaged user is an interested user. Not only does interactivity do amazing things for the user’s experience and retention but there are loads of other advantages as well. So much so that 73% of marketers agree that the addition of interactive content enhances retention.

Interactivity in content also provides you the opportunity to learn more about your users. Through polls and quizzes, you can gain valuable data to optimize marketing campaigns. You can use in-story polls as an interactive way to gain insights into your users and how they relate to your content.

Personalization & Categories

Personalization is all about creating a unique experience for your users, customized by their needs and their personalities, rather than a one size fits all experience. As the user engages with more relatable content it creates a stronger bond between users and the platform. There is nothing worse than irrelevant content, utilising personalization well means that your users will be served content that is relevant to them, meaning longer usage times and higher retention rates.

Knowing your audience can give you some great opportunities in creating personalized experiences. Understanding your users’ interests mean recommending certain products, videos, or quizzes that they are bound to love. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences!

To make the Stories experience even more unique for your user, our Categories feature allows you to organize your Story content in their own dedicated rows and then have them display on specific rows in your app or website. This makes it easy for your users to find and enjoy the content they love with Stories Row locations, ensuring that the content is delivered in the right place to the right user. It's completely up to you how many Stories rows or categories you use.

Snackable Content

One of the easiest ways to boost user retention is by providing content that users can consume easily and quickly. This type of content is often called Snackable content and is mostly digested on mobile devices. It takes the form of Stories, memes, short-form video, infographics, pictures, or anything else that is trending. The rapid rise of TikTok, and Instagram reels, highlights how effective and engaging this type of content can be. What’s more, users are actively looking for more of this type of content across their preferred platforms, with 90% of users reporting they would prefer shorter rather than longer content.

Stories are the perfect form of Snackable content. Stories can take the form of a variety of different content from video, interactive, or image content (if you want to learn how to make the most of the Stories format, check out this post as well). By becoming a go-to provider of snackable content your website or app can become part of a habitual use cycle and make sure your users keep coming back for more – you've just got to make the content engaging.


Believe it or not, the most organic way of boosting user retention is through user-to-user sharing. Having users share your platform and its content not only brings past users back but can attract new users as well. More shares mean more traffic, more traffic means more revenue. It comes as no surprise to anyone online, but people love to share. The reasons behind people sharing content are far too numerous to go into in this blog post, but suffice it to say 72% of people share simply because they find it interesting or entertaining. Therefore, the onus is on you to create highly engaging and sharable content.

Stories are inherently sharable, its format lends itself to being easy to share, with stunning full screen immersive visuals and snackable lengths. Share buttons that are available on Storyteller make intuitive sharing easier than ever for your users.

Deep Linking

One of the biggest challenges for any app is getting opened frequently. Deep linking can help drive users to your platform, move them around your app, and help drive conversions on products you want to highlight. This saves the users time and energy creating a more enjoyable user experience as well. Deep linking is also great for getting users who have limited to no use back onto your platforms, this is done through push notifications that notify users directly from their device. In-app notifications can also be used to point users toward newer or highlighted content.

When considering that over 60% of users drop off less that 24 hours after download the importance of making your platform as easy to navigate as possible is hard to dispute. Deep linking is a vital part of this process and it can bring a 31% increase in retention if utilized correctly.


User retention is a crucial part of any platform’s success. Its impact can be felt across every metric. Stories can be a great tool in your arsenal to boost Retention. The format lends itself perfectly to the best practices discussed above, especially when it comes to increasing users’ attention.

Interactivity is easy through Stories and provides a more engaging and fun experience for users through quizzes and polls that they are bound to come back for. Personalizing and Categorising your Stories makes finding the content your users want to see that much easier, leading to increased usage and retention. Stories are the perfect medium for Snackable content! Make your platform the go-to for consuming while on the move with full-screen immersive content. Stories content is meant to be shared, publishing enjoyable and more importantly, sharable Stories means your users will do the work for you. Ensure that your platform doesn’t become another unused and invisible app on your user’s home screens! Send notifications to keep your users up to date with the Stories content they love with Deep linking.

Storyteller can give you the necessary resources to utilize these methods and increase your Retention Rate! Enjoy a slew of added benefits, such as in-depth analytics, greater user experience, increased revenue, and much more! To see how else Storyteller can help your business find our complete features list here.

If you are ready to take the plunge and start enjoying all the advantages of boosted User Retention, get started here.

Published on February 14, 2022