How To Make The Most Of Stories

We've compiled some of our best tips for making the most of Stories to get you started quickly.

Published on December 8, 2021


Keep reading for some quick tips and tricks!

If Stories are something you’re interested in, or something you’re trying already, you will know they present their own unique set of challenges, and it can be a bit daunting to plan how to effectively share content in the best way.

Luckily, that’s where Storyteller comes in. We’ve been following the evolution of the Stories format since they first appeared on Snapchat in the distant past - the year 2013.

In this post we’ve compiled some of our best tips for making the most of Stories for businesses seeking to deepen their user engagement and make their website or app that little bit more special an experience for their users. So, here we go:

Make it snappy:

Any content creator worth their salt knows that new is interesting and seeing the same thing over and over again can make a business seem a bit stale. Stories are a great way to encourage users to visit your app or website more often as they’re perfect for consuming on-the-go, when your users might not have time to make the most of your regular, longer form content.

Creating short Stories regularly is a great way to ensure that your users always have new content to keep them entertained and engaged and wanting to come back for more. Consider how often your average user opens your app – be it once a week, or multiple times a day – and aim to provide them with fresh Story content every time they open your Stories.

Post your best content first:

It’s a sad reality of our hyper-engaged world that now more than ever a user’s attention is pulled in an infinite number of directions. Therefore, the opportunity you have to hook someone is extremely limited. Research from Buffer found that users are most likely to exit a Story on the first or last page. That's all or nothing. On social, this would result in them swiping past your Story to watch another user’s content instead of yours, but with Stories on your website and app, they’re instead likely to just move on altogether. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you’re hooking their attention by putting your most engaging content first. Snappy, visual content is the way to go to engage your users, keeping them on your website and in your app.

Storyteller’s schedule dashboard lets you see your scheduled content at a glance, and lets you re-organize your Story row with a simple click-and-drag to prioritize your preferred content.

Engage with your users:

The brilliant thing about Stories is their interactivity. Not only are they a great way to present your content in a visually rich, full-screen and immersive way, but they also give you a unique opportunity for your users to engage directly with your brand.

Polls, quizzes, stickers and other engagement units are a great way to turn the isolated-experience of using an app into an engagement with a community – users can see how their opinion or answers measure up against others, or ask you questions that you otherwise wouldn’t have known needed answering. Getting your users to see your Stories is great but getting them to engage with them is even better.

Adding polls and quizzes to your Stories is easy with Storyteller – choose from image or text-based polls, with a customizable UI to ensure they fit seamlessly with your content. We’re constantly working to add new and exciting ways for you to engage with your users through stories, so keep an eye on our product updates via our newsletter or social channel to be the first in the know.

Let the data do the talking:

On that note, it’s important to track and analyze how your content performs once you post it – too many brands will hit “share” and then never think about the content again, especially with Stories. The importance of using analytics to discover what content is performing and which is falling flat is one of the cornerstones of a good content strategy. Data lets you then adjust your strategy accordingly: ditch the struggling content, and post more of what’s doing well. It’s a no-brainer and equally as important for Stories to make sure you’re giving the users what they’re wanting.

You might not be surprised to hear that Storyteller’s built-in analytics gives you all the in-depth data for your Stories that you need to make the right content decisions. View your data across a range of metrics on a tenant-wide, per-Story or per-page basis, broken down by lifetime, daily or hourly performance. You can export your data to use externally with just one click or integrate Storyteller with an external analytics platform to work alongside your wider analytics.

Mix it Up:

One of the easiest ways to lose user interest is to bore them with monotonous, repetitive Story content. Some content that you repeat on a monthly/weekly/daily basis is fine, as long as you intersperse it with extra content to keep things fresh. Stories are a great format to experiment and play with to see what sticks and resonates with your users. If content does well, then integrate it into your regular content strategy. If it falls flat, then you know what to avoid in the future.

Content doesn’t always have to be high production value, either! UK news outlet The Guardian found that static graphics and basic videos were far more effective on Stories than more heavily-produced content they had experimented with in the past. Although, that may just be the Guardian readership so test it out for yourself and let us know what works for you!

Sold on Stories?

Stories can be an immersive and exciting way to share content with your app users – if you do it right. Thankfully, Storyteller gives you all the tools you need to create and share Story content that resonates with your users. We’ve designed Storyteller to integrate seamlessly into your app and website with just a few lines of code, making adding Stories quick and easy. The Storyteller platform makes managing your Stories easy, and with built-in analytics and ad support as standard, Storyteller gives you everything you need to add engaging, immersive Stories to your app and website in days.

But that’s not all:

This post has been an introduction to how you can use Stories to boost user engagement and make the most of the format. However, this is just scratching the surface of what is possible with Stories. We’ll be posting updates, tips and tricks, guides, and everything in between to our blog to help you make Stories the most engaging feature on your website and app. And, if that’s not enough for you, sign up to our newsletter here.

Published on December 8, 2021