What Can We Expect From Stories in 2022?

2022 is set to be the biggest year for Stories yet! This post will give you insights into what to expect for the format and why it’s so important to get involved now!

Published on January 12, 2022


Let's see what we can look forward to!

Before we look into the future its worth seeing how far Stories have come in the last decade. Who would’ve thought that when Snapchat developed the Stories format nearly 10 years ago it would have such a big impact on our digital landscape today?  Since its conception in 2013, many social platforms embraced this new form of personal storytelling, it has paved the way for the snackable content we see dominate social media today, in the forms of TikToks and Reels. In this post we will be looking at what we can expect from the Stories format in 2022, giving our own and industry leader’s predictions for what's to come, allowing you to become a Stories wiz in preparation for what’s set up to be a huge year for the format.

The Biggest Year Yet

For some context on the importance of Stories going into the 2022, here are some of the key figures from Instagram stories in 2021. Over one billion people use Stories every single day, if that doesn’t reflect the importance of Stories than what will? Another stand out statistic is that last year four million businesses used stories each month, highlighting the opportunity that story content presents for marketing and customer engagement. Most large brands make use of Stories and create dedicated content for their social pages daily. When done correctly Stories content becomes more than a marketing tool, they can create a unique and personalised experience for users, leading to increased retention and engagement. When both the marketing and engagement aspects are done correctly in unison, they become a very powerful tool for not only business marketing but to boost your user’s engagement numbers also. Over 33% of users reported that they had become more interested in a product that they had seen on Stories.

The numbers don’t lie. When considering these figures, the power and influence that Stories format can bring is undeniable, and it is only set to grow even further in 2022. With this mind let’s take a look at what we can expect from Stories this year.

Expert’s Expectations

Pairing the fast developing and highly popular short-form video content found on Reels and TikTok with the easily sharable and social aspect of the Stories format, industry leaders are expecting Stories and shorter length content to have its biggest year yet, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri stated that the platform will be ‘doubling down on video’ in 2022.

TikTok have taken note of this and are in the process of implementing Stories onto their platform as well, describing the feature as ‘a new way to interacting with your fans’. Giving creators and businesses the means to engage with their audience on a more personal level through Stories. This will increase time users spend in their platform and add another means of monetisation. These words from industry leaders reinforce the importance of the relationship between Stories and short-form content moving forward, as both means of storytelling continue to grow together. It’s safe to say 2022 will be a huge year for both forms of content.

Not Just For Social Media

Who said Stories are just made for social platforms? Last year we saw several large businesses embrace the Stories format by implementing the feature onto their own apps. Most notably audio streaming Giant, Spotify has used the format for several in app experiences from song ‘Storylines’ that give an insight into songs and their meaning, the ‘Only You’ campaign launched to celebrate its user’s unique tastes as well as the hugely popular ‘Wrapped’ yearly recap. These all provide a more personal and unique experience to their users, creating a deeper connection between the user, artist and platform. They are inherently shareable as well. I’m sure everyone can remember when their December timelines were inundated with ‘wrapped’ posts. The Stories feature gives Spotify a huge advantage over their competitors, as they create an overall more personal experience for their users.

Tech giant Microsoft added a familiar row of Stories to its Xbox app in June last year, however its content will be from user’s favourite games brands rather than more user generated content. Stories on Xbox is a form of marketing for games to advertise promotions, updates and more, a trend that we will see more of in 2022 as Stories become increasingly more important in E-Commerce marketing as we will discuss later on.

More Opportunities!

Stories give businesses the opportunity to connect and engage with audiences in a much more personal way, and as the format continues to grow this will only become more important. Image, Video or Swipe Up Ads are the perfect way to reach new audiences and showcase products to an already engaged user without disrupting their flow! Because of this hyper personal effectiveness, we will see the continued use of Stories Ads in 2022.

There seems to be an influencer out there for all of us these days, we look to connect with real people whose lives look like our own. Utilising the more personal aspect of stories, brands can partner with a creator’s Stories to promote products that relate to their audiences’ interests. With the role of ‘influencer’ growing so much each year and being so prominent in today’s social world, we expect to see further use of the influencer in Stories this year.

Branding Partners can also be an integral part of advertising on social media and Stories. Stories can make it easy for your partners to get involved with your social presence via sponsored content. This type of content can take various forms from giveaways, sweepstakes, and interactive posts. Brand deals also provide fantastic opportunities for your partnered brands to get involved on your platform rather than solely social media, this provides a huge advantage when targeting audiences on a platform as there is a direct interaction with the targeted users, with less competition. It’s great for engaging users with different brands without feeling too intrusive. Branded content will be sticking around as it is unique in the way it drives revenue for both businesses and their partners.

A Match Made In Heaven

No, the biggest power couple in 2022 will not be Elon Musk and Dogecoin, we’re here to tell you the biggest power couple coming into 2022 will be Stories and e-commerce! The full screen, immersive experience is the perfect way of showcasing stunning product photos, new launches, collections, and recommendations to engaged audiences. With the addition of shoppable features such as swipe ups for buying now, intuitive sharing and buttons its effectiveness is unparalleled when driving conversions.

We’re not the only ones to notice this trend however; At the start of last year, we saw the release Instagram Shopping, a new feature which provides businesses with a set of tools that easily allow users to shop a brand’s products via photo and video while staying in the platform. This way of shopping has been very successful for both Instagram and businesses, today 70% of shoppers are already using the platform to find new products! TikTok have plans to partner with e-Commerce giant Shopify to bring a similar shopping experience to their platform in 2022. As the pandemic continues to derail plans in 2022, consumers are likely to increase their online shopping activity. With this in mind, we will likely see massive development and growth in the partnering of Stories and E-commerce, this truly is the future of shopping. Understanding the significance of these developments, we are currently creating more features to make a better shopping experience for your users!

The Next Best Thing

With the effects of the pandemic still lingering over us, countless concerts, festivals, parties, and more are still being unfortunately postponed. People around the world have turned to Live Stories to feel more connected, Instagram Live saw a 69% increase in usage in a single month last year. Live Stories produce a more social and exclusive experience for users, they can used for a variety of forms from music, gaming, sports or even just for chatting, this can be especially powerful in times of isolation. With the uncertainty of what will happen this year, it is safe to say that users will continue to use Live Stories as a powerful social tool. Here at Storyteller we think nothing is more important than connection, that’s why we're currently working on brining the Live Stories feature to our platform in 2022.

Snackable Content Reigns Supreme

It’s a sad truth, but our attention spans are growing shorter by the day. A recent study found its as little as eight seconds, which is altogether shocking – if you’ve made it this far through the post, congratulations! Knowing this, it's crucial to keep your users engaged to maximise retention. Snackable content is any form of content which is easily and efficiently digestible, usually target at mobile audiences on the go, notable examples are Tweets, Reels, or Stories.

As mentioned earlier, 2021 was the year of the short form content with Reels and TikTok exploding in popularity. Short-form content brings huge benefits to all parties with over half a billion users consuming content on these platforms daily. This type of content is not only very enjoyable to users by being sharable and snackable, but also has many benefits for the platform leading to increased app usage times, higher levels of user engagement, greater user retention and ultimately user and platform growth.

This content is truly taking over! Not only in terms on content but in communication! Twitter has recently announced Tweet reaction videos. Giving users the option to communicate, reply or react to tweets in short form video, giving a new deeper use to the content form!

The rate at which this content has grown, and is still growing, reinforces its potential. We are certain to see more users, creators and brands continue to create snackable content in 2022. Short-form video alongside Stories will undoubtedly be the most consumed content for the foreseeable future! Storyteller is the perfect platform to capitalise on this, as you can enjoy the best of both worlds, with Stories being available now and Vertical Video seen on Reels and Tiktok coming to our software very soon, giving you the opportunity to capture the ‘short-form’ lightning in a figurative bottle!

Interactivity is Key

What’s better than fully immersive and visually stunning content? Fully immersive and visually stunning content you can interact with! As the Stories format develops and grows, we are building new ways for users to interact with content. We’ve already got polls, swipe ups, deeplinks and more in Storyteller. As we add more features such as Trivia quizzes, outcome quizzes, emoji sliders and other features Stories are becoming more and more interactive. This will give audiences a unique and personal experience that will keep them coming back for more. It will also give your business a big boost as interactive content means engagement. With new exciting and fun features being created and used interactivity will remain a huge part of Stories in 2022.

Make The Most Of It

The Stories format has never looked more promising and our expectations for its growth and change over 2022 are massive. Here at Storyteller we couldn't be more excited for you to get involved, we have the all the necessary resources and features to help you capitalise on all these new things coming in 2022. From SDKs that can get you up and running with Stories within a matter of days, e-commerce tools, Live Stories, Vertical Video as seen on Reels and Tiktok, interactive features, and a lot, lot more! To see how we can tackle this exciting year together, see our features page here.

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Published on January 12, 2022