Why Should You Add Stories

The power of Stories is undeniable. Over one billion people use Stories every single day, and over four million businesses use Stories ads every month.

Published on December 8, 2021


Here's an example of how Stories could look in your app.

The power of Stories is undeniable. Over one billion people use Stories every single day, and over four million businesses use Stories ads every month. They’re a powerful way to communicate and give creators a unique opportunity to take advantage of a unique medium.

The benefits of Stories are stark and there are no other formats that can rival them for their ability to keep eyeballs on screens & users coming back for more. We’re not the only ones to notice this, just about every major social media app has introduced the Stories format in one way or another. This isn’t just restricted to social however, with more and more apps searching for a way to introduce stories to their apps – if you needed any more proof that Stories were the future Google has got in on the action as well, adding them to their search app in late 2020.

With over 4.83 million apps available for download across the Apple App Store & the Play Store, it is harder than ever to keep a user’s attention. That is where stories come in. Stories could be the solution you’re looking for; chances are you’ve considered it already! If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, here are some more great reasons why you should consider signing up with Storyteller and launching Stories.

Plain and simply, Stories are fun:

One thing that often gets overlooked in business is enjoyment. Here at Storyteller, we think enjoyment is paramount, even if it’s not quantifiable - yet. We genuinely believe that Stories enhance user experience, making apps and websites easier to navigate and giving access to the information users want as quickly as possible.

With quizzes, polls, interactions and countless other engagement units, Stories give users a more genuine experience and keep them coming back for more. Not just as a number on a chart, or a data point, but as a satisfied customer.

Although, that is not to say that Stories won’t give your business a healthy boost.

Here's how:

They’re great traffic drivers:

Stories live on a website or app’s homepage – although with Storyteller the placement is up to you – which means they can get a large amount of traffic compared to the less-loved places in your app or on your website. To put it in context, think about how many people see IG Stories as opposed to in-feed posts! With the Stories format, you can easily take advantage of the traffic they get by using swipe-ups to send users to anywhere you chose, boosting traffic to pages you want to target. You can also use them to promote specific purchases, sign-ups, views – whatever you want! You can even send them outside your website or app if you so desire. Stories give you complete freedom to funnel your users where you want them to go. With Storyteller on your side, you just need compelling creative before you can sit back and watch the traffic rise.

They're quick and easy to consume:

User’s time is precious, and Stories are the perfect complement to a busy schedule. They are designed to be consumed when time is limited as they are typically less than 15 seconds long, they’re perfect when you don’t have enough time to browse more in-depth content. If your app or website is mostly long-form content, or is designed for longer browsing sessions, then chances are your users won’t turn to you when they don’t have much time. Adding Stories adds a draw for your time-pressed users who can now swipe through your content while they wait for their coffee… or bus…or laundry... or anything really.

You can build a genuine relationship:

Humans are, at their core, social creatures. We love to build connections with each other and feel like we’re part of a community. Stories are an amazing way to foster this sense of community; they add a more personable element to content, and so can be a great way to add some personality to your brand. Adding polls, quizzes and other engagement units also let your users feel like they’re part of a community, as they can see how their opinions and answers align with those of other users. You can use the Stories format to show any aspect of your brand you want, with a direct connection to your users in your own ‘home’. Be it a behind the curtain moment, exclusive content, or something more personal. Stories give you the opportunity to connect directly with your users.

They can drive revenue:

Getting revenue is a key consideration at every turn, but integrating ads in a way that feels organic and unforced is getting more and more difficult; banner ads feel obtrusive and clunky amidst otherwise slick design, and many users have simply become blind to them.

Story ads are different — they feel like just another Story, so users are far less likely to instinctively swipe past them like they would with a display ad. Story ads are full-screen and immersive, allowing the ad visuals to come into their own and work their magic. Alternatively, Stories offer an extra platform for sponsored content that fits more closely with the typical content provided by you. All this combines to make an immersive ad platform that you can use to dramatically increase your ad revenue.

Make the most of all your content:

If your brand or company uses social media in any capacity, chances are you’re already producing high-quality and engaging story content to share with your followers. Stories give you another platform for this content, giving you extra bang for your creative-buck. Stories also give you a great way to connect and share this high-quality content with your users who might not use social but are still interested in your content. With Storyteller, you can easily integrate your social content from other platforms to make using it as seamless as possible.

It’s easy!

One of the biggest barriers to adding a great new feature like Stories to your app or website is the time and money required to implement it. It requires months, if not years, of back-end development to get the feature off the ground, not to mention troubleshooting, QA and testing, oh so much testing! That’s where we come in.

We’ve built Storyteller for one simple reason - we’re obsessed with Stories. With Storyteller adding Stories to your app and website becomes quick, easy, and affordable. We’ve designed Storyteller to be integrated into your app and website with just a few lines of code and minimal development time on your side. The Storyteller platform makes managing your Stories easy, with an industry leading UX, built-in analytics and ad support as standard. Storyteller gives you everything you need to add engaging, immersive Stories to your app and website in days.

Stories are a great app feature with uses far beyond social media apps – they provide immersive, engaging content for users to consume on-the-go, and can direct users to content that they might otherwise miss during general browsing. Stories help you build connections and communities among your users, and give you a great ad platform to boost your app revenue. Re-use content you’re already producing for social media, and make the most of your content. And with Storyteller, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

If you're convinced, start your free trial today!

Published on December 8, 2021