Additional Methods

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  1. Static Attributes
  2. Static Methods

This page covers additional helper methods and properties.

Setting Global StorytellerDelegate

Please see the dedicated StorytellerDelegate page.

    Storyteller.storytellerDelegate = myCustomStorytellerDelegate

Static Attributes


isInitialized is a boolean static property which is set to true if Storyteller was initialized successfully.

val initialized = Storyteller.isInitialized


isPlayerVisible is a boolean property which is set to true when a Story or Clip player is opened, false when the Story or Clip player is dismissed.

val isStoryPlayerVisible = Storyteller.isPlayerVisible


The version is a static String property which holds the SDK version.

val storytellerVersion = Storyteller.version

Static Methods

isStorytellerDeepLink(String) checks if the string is a valid Storyteller deep link. For more information on deep linking, see the dedicated Deep Linking page



dismissPlayer(Boolean, String?): force closes the currently open Story or Player Views. If no Player is open when this is called, it has no effect.

animated: the flag indicating if close animation should be triggered. Defaults to true.

reason: the reason why the Story Page was force closed. This will be used to populate the dismissedReason parameter of the corresponding onUserActivityOccurred callback. If this is set to null the onUserActivityOccurred callback will not be triggered.

Storyteller.dismissPlayer(true, "reason")


The disableEventTracking() method will disable storing analytics events on Storyteller servers. By default, event tracking is enabled. Note that some events are necessary for user functionality and will still be made (but not stored) when event tracking is disabled.

Event tracking can be enabled again by calling enableEventTracking()


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