• Added support for Live Stories


  • Added support for Trivia Quizzes
  • Made implementing custom themes even easier


  • Hide share button on browsers that don't support navigator.share
  • Make externalId optional
  • Allow Ad frequency to be configured


  • Adjust tile height to fill parent container
  • Send pollAnswerId in analytics events
  • Send all properties to analytics endpoint


  • Fixing story page issues


  • Adding Grid Layout
  • Theme updates
  • Adding support for unread indicator gradient


  • Improving swipe behaviour
  • Show navigation arrows on touchscreen laptops
  • Stopping JSONParseErrors being thrown for empty responses
  • Fixing missing api key 401s


  • Added full support for categories
  • Added support for ads


  • Added the ability to swipe down to dismiss a story
  • Fixed an issue which could cause polls not to display in certain scenarios
  • Added the ability for share links to open a specific page (instead of the first page in the story)
  • Added a playAllStories option to the theme which will not exit the story player when the user reaches the end of their unread stories - but rather keep them in the stories experience until they see every story in the row


  • Hiding 'i' button when video fails to play
  • Stop video failed to play message appearing when a video successfully plays
  • Recording share success events


  • Fixing bug where poll answer percentages display incorrectly


  • Preventing background media from being cropped


  • Using the correct value for storyReadStatus in analytic events
  • Adding information about VotedPoll event to the docs
  • Fixing issue where story titles are shared/duplicate sharing URLs are shared when tapping share button
  • Updating to open story immediately when tapping/clicking story tile instead of showing loading spinners


  • Fixing sharing instructions issues


  • Removes the border around buttons in the story player


  • Fixing bug where users can vote for a poll more than once


  • Adding theme option to hide story titles
  • Persisting mute state throughout stories
  • Fixing CORS issues


  • Stopping the wrong story from being shown briefly when opening a share link
  • Disabling the 'previous page' button on the first page of the first story
  • Fixing issue where story row would not load on iOS 12


  • Always displaying the mute/unmute icon in player
  • Adding text property to onShareButtonClicked() delegated method
  • Fixing instructions screen layout and icons on desktop
  • Allow 3 lines for the story title when using circular tiles
  • Fixing issue with missing navigation arrows and black background when refreshing/arriving from shared link


  • Stop player closing when navigating backwards
  • Sort all story rows when player is closed
  • Stop player from continuing in background after being closed
  • Adding share delegate method
  • Hide share button if navigator.share doesn't exist
  • Adding docs for share callback
  • Don't hide share button if onShareButtonClick callback is defined


  • Fixing poll styling
  • Fixing ad overlay appearing over story view


  • Fixing desktop player not pausing on share
  • Fixing left scroll arrow
  • Only show read stories and fix player opening unexpectedly
  • Don't open player until correct story has loaded
  • Adding tileLoading state to tiles
  • Fixing bug when opening same story after dismissing it
  • Setting opacity on tile loading
  • Fixing style import
  • Hide mute/unmute text


  • Adding properties to row theme
  • Updating row theme docs
  • Fixing instruction icons
  • Switch to using query string params instead of headers in API requests


  • Fixing poll styling
  • Fixing ad overlay appearing over story view
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