Storyteller Ads

Users can now author Ads in the CMS. These Ads will appear between stories in the apps. Ads can be static images or videos.

Ad Duration

The duration of an Ad is determined by the creative asset the user uploads as the Ad content. Video Ads are as long as the video duration. Static Ads are 15 seconds long by default and this duration can be changed. See the ‘Creating Ads’ document on how to do so. The progress bar at the top of an Ad gives users an indication of how long the Ad is.

Linking from Ads

Each Ad has a Swipe Up URL integration. App users can swipe up from the bottom of the Ad to access the URL content that has been chosen in the CMS when the Ad was created.


By default, Ads have a ‘Swipe Up’ call-to-action represented by an arrow icon and text at the bottom of the Ad screen. CMS Users have the option to add, remove, or edit this CTA.

Tracking Events

CMS Users can add tracking events to externally log user activity in the Ad. Event types that can be tracked include:

  • Impression
  • Video Clicked
  • Video Start
  • 1st Quarter
  • Midpoint
  • 3rd Quarter
  • Complete
  • Video Pause
  • Video Resume

Ad Analytics

Within the Ads section of the CMS, you can also access analytics to review each Ad’s performance on your app. You can find out more by reading the Ad Analytics document.

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