Clips and Collections

A Clip is a video that plays in the context of a Collection. A Collection is group of Clips that can be navigated by swiping vertically. Adding Clips and Collections to your app allows users to consume media in the popular vertical feed format. You can create Collections manually or use Categories to create them. The accepted file types for Clips can be found in Studio Editing and Designing.

Clips and Collections Navigation

Clips are accessed by tapping a thumbnail on the home screen of your app. This will open the Clip to a full-screen display and will play the first Clip from a Collection. Users can navigate through the Collection by vertically swiping.

Swiping up will navigate the user to the next Clip in a Collection. Swiping down will navigate the user to the previous Clip in a Collection. If a user swipes up on the last Clip in a Collection, the Collection will loop and play the first Clip again. If a user swipes down on the first Clip in a Collection, the Collection will loop and play the last Clip in the Collection.

To pause a Clip, a user can tap on the screen. Tapping again will resume playback of the Clip. To exit the Collection, a user can tap back in the top left corner of a Clip and return to the home screen.

Sharing Clips

Each Clip in a Collection has a share button in the bottom right corner that allow users to share a link to the Clip. This enables your content to reach larger audiences externally with the potential of increasing traffic to your app and the number of unique users your app has.

When the share button is tapped, the Clip will be paused whilst the user chooses their preferred sharing method from their device’s native sharing screen. Once sharing is complete or the user dismisses the share screen, playback of the Clip resumes.

If a user receives a deep link for a Clip but does not have app it is from installed, they will be able to watch the Clip on a web page. If the user then taps the ‘View more’ button, they will then be navigated to the App or Play Store to download the app.

Linking from Clips

CMS Users can optionally add an Action to one or more Clips in a Collection. These are represented by a small box at the bottom of the Clip. Users interact with Actions by tapping the bottom of their screen or swiping left, which will take them to the location stated in the Action. This allows your Clips to link to other areas of your app, the App/Play store, or a general web page in an in-app web browser.

Clips Duration

The duration of a Clip is determined by the length of the video uploaded. There is no limit to how long a Clip can be.

Clips Like Buttons

Users can click the heart button on the right-hand side of the Clip to like it. If the like button has already been clicked, clicking it again will make the user unlike the Clip. The total number of likes by all users is displayed below the like button.

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