Creating Clips

To Create a New Storyteller Clip, Complete the Following Steps in the CMS

  • Select the ‘All Clips’ option from the menu on the left-hand side of the CMS
  • Click ‘New Clip' in the top right-hand corner of the Clips section
  • Add an ‘Internal Title’ to the Clip – this will be used in the CMS
    • The Internal Title has a maximum length of 250 characters and cannot be left empty
  • Optionally – add a ‘Display Title’, this will be displayed in your app and will be seen by users
  • Upload a video and optionally choose a thumbnail in the ‘Assets’ section.
    • If no Thumbnail is uploaded, one will be automatically generated from your Clip.
    • The ideal dimensions for a Clip is 1080x1920px
    • The ideal dimensions for a Thumbnail is 320x480px
  • You can then optionally choose a Category for the Clip to appear in or an Action for the Clip
  • Click save to add your Clip to the CMS

When returning to the Clips list, you can sort Clips by 'Date created (most recent first)', 'Date created (oldest first)' and 'Title A-Z'. You can also use the search feature to find a particular Clip.

Additionally, you can find a Clip's ID by selecting the Clip and clicking 'Copy ID' in the top right corner.

Delete Clips

To delete a Clip:

  • Hover over the Clip and click the delete button
  • After clicking the delete button, you will be given the opportunity to abort the deletion by clicking ‘Cancel’ or confirm it by clicking ‘Yes, Delete.’
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