Creating Polls

To Create a New Storyteller Poll, Complete the Following Steps in the CMS

  • Select the 'Engagement Units' option from the menu on the left-hand side of the CMS
  • Click 'New/Add Engagement Unit' and then select 'Poll'
  • Add a question for the Poll
  • Upload an image or video background asset by clicking the Background Asset field or dropping a file
    • The ideal dimensions for the background asset are 1080x1920px
    • The maximum file size for the background is 100MB
  • Select an answer type. Answers can be images with a text label, or text-only
  • For Polls with text-only answers, a Sharing Image containing the Poll Question will be created automatically. Optionally, a custom sharing image can be uploaded which will be used when sharing the Poll.
    • The ideal dimensions for the sharing image are 1200x630
    • The maximum file size for the sharing image is 100MB
  • Click 'Next' to save the Poll and move on to editing the Poll answers

Poll Background Generation

The Poll question text can be added to the background asset by enabling the "Add Question Text To Background" toggle. The position of the question text varies depending on the answer type and the number of answers. Any updates to the background asset and question text position can be viewed in the preview while editing the Poll.

Poll Answers

  • Click 'New Answer' to begin adding the first answer to the Poll
  • Add the answer text in the Answer field. This text will appear below answer images in the app
  • For image answers, upload an answer image by clicking the Image field or dropping a file
    • The ideal dimensions for the answer image is 288x352px
    • The maximum file size for the answer image is 100MB
  • Click 'Save' to exit the modal
  • Polls must have between 2 and 4 answers
  • Answers can be updated by clicking 'Edit' in the answer list
  • The order of answers can be updated using the blue arrow icons
  • For text-only Polls with two answers, the answers will be shown side by side in the app if each answer is less than seven characters
  • Click Finish to save any updates to the answers and exit the form

Managing Polls

  • A Poll can be in one of three states: Incomplete, Processing or Complete.

    • Incomplete: A Poll is 'Incomplete' if it has less than two answers
    • Processing: A Poll is 'Processing' if the background asset, sharing image or answer images are processing
    • Complete: A Poll is 'Complete' if it has more than one answer and all assets are processed.
  • You can manage an existing Poll by clicking the 'Engagement Units' option in the left menu, finding the Poll you would like to edit, and clicking the Edit button or the Title of the Poll

  • This page shows a brief summary of the Poll, and allows the Poll to be edited or deleted.

  • Complete Polls can be directly added to a Story from the Poll summary page.

To Add a Poll to a Story, Use One of the Following Methods

Story Editor

Similar to image and video Pages, Polls can be added directly to a Story using the Story Editor.

  • Create a Story or edit an existing Story. See the Creating Stories page for more information
  • Click to add a new Page, and select 'Engagement Unit' in the 'Type' dropdown
  • Search for the Poll you would like to add using the 'Engagement Unit' field, and click 'Save'. This will add the Poll to the Story as a single Page
  • The Poll Page can be edited by hovering over the Page in the Story Editor, and clicking the edit symbol. From here, the duration of the Page can be updated, and clicking 'Edit Poll' will lead directly to the Poll form where further changes can be made.

Poll Summary

You can also add Polls directly to a new or existing Story from the Poll summary Page.

  • Navigate to the Poll summary Page by clicking the 'Engagement Units' menu item and clicking the 'Edit' button
  • Use the 'New Story with Poll' or 'Add to Existing Story' buttons to quickly add the Poll to a Story

Poll Analytics

You can view the analytics of each Poll by navigating to the 'Engagement Units' menu, clicking on the Poll, and switching to the 'Analytics' tab.

For more see Poll Analytics.

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