What Are Actions?

Actions are used to add links to Story Pages. The "Actions" section of the CMS allows users to add, edit and remove actions. Actions can then easily be re-used when creating and editing Story Pages.

Add an Action

To add a new Action, select "Actions" > "Add Action".

Enter the Action title and select the Action type. There are 4 different types of action:

  • Deep link
  • In-App Browser
  • App Store
  • External App

For each action type, use the dialog box provided to enter your URL destination or Store ID.

You can also enter "Call to Action" copy for each action type (for example, Learn More/Download).

Select "Save".

Edit an Action

To edit an action, select "Actions", find the action you wish to edit and select "Edit".

Edit the action title or type and select "Save".

Delete an Action

To remove an action, select "Actions", find the action you wish to delete and select the bin icon.

You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the action. Select "Yes, Delete".

After deleting an action, any Stories which are currently published with that action will be unaffected but the action cannot be added to new Stories.

Add an Action to a Page in a Story

Head to our Stories and Scheduling section to find out more about adding actions to Story Pages.

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