Stories and Pages

Stories are made up of one or more sequential Pages. Pages can be either static images or videos, or they can be Engagement Unit Pages, such as Polls and Trivia Quizzes, that allow the users to interact with your content. The accepted file types for Pages can be found in Studio Editing and Designing.

For example, in the image below, the Story 'Healthy Habits' is made up of three static image Pages. The order of the Pages is indicated by the small number in the upper left corner of each Page. For more on Page ordering, see Creating Stories.

Story Navigation

Stories are accessed by tapping the Story tiles on the home screen of your app. Tapping navigates the user to a full-screen display of a Story Page. Users can view each Page in full or skip to the next Page by tapping the right-hand side of the screen on the app. To go back to a previous Page, users can tap the left-hand side of the screen.

Each Page in a Story has an exit button in the top left-hand corner which allows users to return to the home screen. If a user chooses to return to the Story at another time, they will be returned to the Page they exited on. If a user returns to a Story they viewed in full, they will be returned to the first Page.

Users can view Stories multiple times in the period they are published for in the app.

Story Duration

The duration of Stories is determined by the type and number of Pages they are made up of. Static Pages are 15 seconds long by default and video Pages are as long as the duration of the video. The progress bar at the top of each Page gives users an indication of how long the Page is so that they can decide whether to view the content in full or skip to the next Page.

Sharing Stories

Each Page in a Story has a share button in the bottom right hand corner that allows users to share the Page with another app or save it to their device. This enables your content to reach larger audiences externally with the potential of increasing traffic to your app and the number of unique users your app has.

Linking From Pages

CMS Users can optionally add an Action to one or more Pages in a Story. These are represented by an arrow icon and call-to-action at the bottom of the Page. Users interact with Actions by tapping or swiping at the bottom of their screen, which will take them to the location stated in the Action. This allows for your Pages to link to other areas of your app, the app store, or a general web page in an in-app web browser.

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