What Are Categories?

Grouping your content into Categories allows your users to access the most relevant content in the most relevant place within your app. These Categories are defined in the CMS and allow you to choose which content you want to show, where you want to show it, and for how long you want it to appear.

With Storyteller, you can add multiple Stories Rows and/or Story Grids to your app on different screens of your app, not just the Home Screen. Which Categories are linked to which rows/grids on which screens will be handled during the integration of Storyteller into your app. Categories allow your content to be targeted to a specific row/grid on a per Story basis and multiple Categories can be linked to a row/grid.

  • For example, on a News App you could have a 'Breaking News' Story Row with the Category 'breaking-news' on the Home Screen and a 'USA News' Story Row with the Category 'usa-news' within the USA Screen. A Story about a piece of breaking news in the USA is given the Categories 'breaking-news' and 'usa-news' and therefore appears in both Story Rows, and on both screens of the app.

Storyteller also enables you to customise the lifetime of your Stories with the ability to have a certain Story on your Home Screen for one week, but remaining on a different screen for two months. See Creating Stories for more information on scheduling to Categories.

Adding a Category

To add a new Category, select 'Categories > New Category'

Enter your Category Title and ID (externalId.) If you don't enter an ID, one will be made from your Title i.e. a 'Breaking News' Title would generate the ID 'breaking-news.'

Press 'Save' and your Category has been made.

Setting a Category Type

To group Categories together and find them easily on the Story Schedule, you can set a Category Type. The Category Types to choose from are 'Priority', 'Player', 'Team', 'Game', 'Editorial' or 'Other'.

Importing Categories

You can import your own Categories from a CSV file by selecting the 'Import From CSV' button. The CSV file should contain only two columns: title and externalId. The title property is only used in the CMS to identify the Category. The externalId property should be a unique identifier for the Category and is used by the Storyteller SDKs to power Story categorization.

You will receive a notification at the top right of the screen upon a successful import.

Editing a Category Title

To edit a Category title, select 'Categories', find the Category you wish to edit and select 'Edit'

Edit the Category title and select 'Save'

Note that you cannot edit a Category ID once it has been made. This is to ensure that no current Stories or Story Rows are affected.

Deleting a Category

To remove a Category, select 'Categories', find the Category you wish to delete and select the bin icon.

You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the Category. Select 'Yes, Delete'

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